The Greatest Story Ever Forged

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The Greatest Story Ever Forged Author : David Hernandez
Publisher : Dorrance Publishing
Pub Date : 2009-09-01
Page : 357
Language : en
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Is God fact or fiction? This is the question that has been the subject of debate for millennia, oftentimes leading to violence, as we have seen in the countless religious wars throughout the course of history, including the Islamic and Christian wars of today. The Greatest Story Ever Forged discusses this question, and outlines the fabrications giving birth to these monotheistic religions, their early developments, and how they have tyrannized the West and Middle East for these many centuries. Though there have been many defenders of the faith, David Hernandez shows how these religions have infinitely caused more damage to man than any good they have ever been credited for having done. This is what he calls ”the Curse of the Christ Myth,” which derives from ”the big lie” as propounded by the inventors of the Christ Myth, who battled as fiercely among themselves as they did against their detractors or non-believers. These include everyone from the Jews to the Pagans to the Gnostics to the heretics, and any form of ”infidels” in an effort to establish their ”true” religions.

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