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1. Russ


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2. GHP 2016 - Perc Jazz - 03 Shared Space, Trevino

GHP 2016 - Perc Jazz - 03 Shared Space, Trevino

Georgia Governor's Honors Program Music Majors Jazz and Percussion Majors Whitehead Auditorium

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3. post malone

post malone

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4. gamz


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5. GHP 2015 Perc Jazz - 04 Catching Shadows, Trevino

GHP 2015 Perc Jazz - 04 Catching Shadows, Trevino

GHP 2015 Jazz/Percussion Thursday, July 9, 2015 Whitehead Auditorium 7:30 pm

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6. Alex Jones - Antigua EP (Hypercolour)

Alex Jones - Antigua EP (Hypercolour)

Alex Jones is one artist currently riding high on every level. As one half of ‘the management’ at Hypercolour (alongside Jamie Russell) and one half of techno twins Dense & Pika, Alex strikes solo once again for the ‘Antigua EP’. Title track, ‘Antigua’, holds a slightly jazzy theme, chopping up stabs over a hefty kick/tom pattern and rough and ready hats. The second half of the track pounds that extra level, as the jazz stabs get dubbed out for a decent late night sweaty basement jam. ‘Igor’ blends gospel vocal samples and menacingly booming beats to maximum effect, the use of lazy piano chords giving it a softer edge, but without compromise to the swinging groove, wandering bass and punch of this lead track. EP closer, ‘Frizza’ gets proper twisted, lightning bolts of FX and mangled vox lash out over another on point and heavyweight drum pattern, perhaps closest to the Dense & Pika style on this cut. The ‘Antigua EP’ finds Alex really hitting his stride, recent releases for Hotflush and remixes for Paul Woolford (as Dense & Pika) plus previous Hypercolour efforts have put him in good stead to become the dependable tech-master he is today. Selected DJ reactions Maya Jane Coles - One of the best EPs I've heard from Alex! Alan Fitzpatrick - this is fucking lush! wouldn't expect anything less. will play it at berghain this weekend. James Zabiela - Igor is ace, thank dudes! Jimpster - Really love the vibe on Antigua. Clever track that gets right under your skin. Will be giving it a spin this weekend. nice one. Franck Roger - nice ep here will push it for sure Laurent Garnier - Raw and super funky --- 3 very good tracks, Will play ANTIGUA everywhere Trikk - massive, been playing "Frizza" a lot :) D’Julz - sick tracks! Trevino - tis good yaaaaaa!!! Rob Da Bank - boshingly beautiful! love this Altern-8 - proper nice deep jazzy style on Antigua - all three work Tom Middleton - Heavy and twisted..Frizza! Nick Warren - Igor is a killer Alex Boman - absolutely beautiful!!!! impossible to pick a fav! it all comes together for me here, the deep harder techno-ish sounds of dense & pika with the emotionally charged music of alex's earlier solo releases. LOVE IT! ok i guess the playfulness of antigua hits me hardest Rocky (X-Press 2) - All good. Think Igor is my fave. Will play this week.

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7. FIRST HOUR - Sundaze - Tao Terraces - 15 Jan 17 - 9pm - 1am

  • Published: 2017-01-24T15:57:49Z
  • By axo
FIRST HOUR - Sundaze - Tao Terraces - 15 Jan 17 - 9pm - 1am

The first hour, of what turned out to be a magic 4 for me, SUNDAZE at Tao Terraces, Bangalore, India. A fantastic kickstart to the '17 set time 9pm to 1am If you stayed till the end, you know what went down. If you walked in late, this is what you missed. Tracklist : Since The Last Time (Nekes Rmx) - Johnny d : City Cemetery - SQUIRE : Gigi The Song - Christian Fonseca, Trevino : North Hex (Patrick Russell Reshape) - Erika : If You (Konrad Black (Official) Rock Dust Rmx) - Guido Schneider, Jens Bond : Vigr (S.K.A.M. Rmx) - Hush & Sleep : Between The Notes - Andre Lodemann : Where Nobody Sees - Ukka : Intentions - Serge Devant : Turn Your Back ( Marc Piñol Morning Dub) - Colder : Atlas (KiNK Mix) - Elektro Guzzi : Mezmerise (Original Mix) - Trevino Thank you for the music Love & Respect image - courtesy the interweb

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8. Various Artists - Hypercolour Patterns Volume 6 (HYPEDIGCD06) [clips]

Various Artists - Hypercolour Patterns Volume 6 (HYPEDIGCD06) [clips]

Hypercolour, the British independent dance music label founded by Alex Jones and Jamie Russell, wrap up another busy period of label activity with a sixth volume in their Patterns series, a retrospective collection of some of the biggest and best club tracks (and deeper cuts) from the last few months, and a few hidden or slept on gems from the back catalogue. Label mainstays, such as Maya Jane Coles, Kevin McPhee and Alex Jones are all present and correct, the former two artists represented here in remix form by Bonobo and Trevino respectively. Always with a flair of throwing up the unexpected, Hypercolour bagged singles releases last year amongst some of the scenes most revered producers, and ‘Daddy, What’s A Rise?’ from Losoul is included here, catching the German producer on top form. Another heritage artist also recorded prominently for Hypercolour in recent months, and UK acid pioneer, Luke Vibert, is on hand here with the glorious ‘Acid Jacker’ Elsewhere, stellar productions from the likes of Marco Bernardi, Youandewan and Lucretio (The Analogue Cops) are collected on this label compilation, showcasing the enormous breadth and sound of this always-exciting British imprint. Tracklisting Maya Jane Coles - Something In the Air (Bonobo Remix) Kevin McPhee - CC-XXX-YY-NNNNN (Trevino Remix) Youandewan – Undrstnd (Original Mix) Alex Jones – Antigua (Original Mix) Luke Vibert - Acid Jacker (Original Mix) Indigo – Wake (Original Mix) Losoul - Daddy, What’s a Rise? (Original Mix) Lucretio - Do It Forever (Original Mix) Trikk - Labour 91 (Original Mix) Bareskin - I Was Born A Woman From Space (Original Mix) West Norwood Cassette Library – Vibrations (Original Mix) Marco Bernardi - Japanese Firecracker (Original Mix) Christopher Rau - Last Time Was So Good (Original Mix) Christophe - Gotta Release (James Welsh Remix) J.Alvarez – Take (Original Mix) iTunes pre-order

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9. A Girl's Gotta Do

A Girl's Gotta Do

© 2015 Bonnie Barnard Hear a preview of A Girl's Gotta Do written by Bonnie Barnard from her album 10,000 Fortunes. A Girl's Gotta Do is featured on the soundtrack of a cult movie classic by legendary filmmaker Ken Russell. Produced and recorded by four time Grammy award winner Joe Trevino. Available at:

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10. Es gibt nur noch Superheldenfilme weil es keine Superhelden mehr gibt

Es gibt nur noch Superheldenfilme weil es keine Superhelden mehr gibt

SARS & AR - The Narrow Life He Bore // Northern Electronics Edanticonf - Senza Titolo 1 // Attic Randomer - Concierge // Clone Basement Farron - Tangency // Shaw Cuts Cyspe - Amnesia // Insula Albert Van Abbe - With Eyes Like Walls // Albert Van Abbe Mod21 - The Smell Of Sand // Semantica Monoton - Leben Im Dschungel (Abdulla Rashim Remix) // Desire Kwartz - Rite // Warm Up Mark Broom - Sixty Six // Beard Man Patrick Russell - Romans Coptos (Patrick Russell Remix) // The Bunker NY Source Direct - The Crane (Function / Inland Remix) // Nonplus Robert Hood - Master Jack // Dekmantel Faetch - Wershif // Earwiggle Civilian - Heights // Out Electronic JK Flesh - Nothing Is Free (Surgeon Remix) // Downwards Unbalance - The Way I Get High // Solid Groove Lester Fitzpatrick - BS (Gary Beck Remix) // Bek Audio Z.I.P.P.O - Dilemma // Fides UVB - Honne // Body Theory Clouds - An Outrageous Fate Type // Electric Deluxe Oliver Ho - Awakening The Sentient Pt 1 // Blueprint DJRum - Forgetting // 2nd Drop Iori - Passage // Field Mønic - Four Sides Of Truth // Tresor Nocow - I Don't Really Wanna Lose U // Clone Radio Slave - Vision (Marcel Dettmann Remix) // Rekids Foreign Material - Beyond Omega System (Hiver Remix 1) // Curle Trevino - The Hop // Birdie Najem Sworb - K-abL // Wolfskuil Drumcell - Terminus Effect // Dystopian Tensal - Atlanticas 2 // Modularz Lory D - Sq11 // Numbers Oscar Mulero - Dematerialization // Faut Section SHXCXCHCXSH - SsSsSsSsSsSs // Avian Peter Van Hoesen - Quadra // Dekmantel Lewis Fautzi - Unconsciousness // Warm Up Stenny - Lights On // Ilian Tape Donato Dozzy - Techtresor // Spazio Disponibile Gary Beck - Barefoot Sunday (Floorplan Remix) // Bek Audio Marcel Dettmann - Onto (2010 Edit) // MDR Marcelus - Transient // Tresor Savas Pascalidis - Moving Waves // Sweatshop Planetary Assault Systems - Dungeon (Phase Remix) // Mote Evolver Christian Morgenstern - Spiegelkerker (Efdemin Remix) // Konsequent Monoton - Root Of 1/1 ((Prostitutes Mix) // Desire

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11. SpyInTheHouse 674 Fm Podcast 011 11272017

SpyInTheHouse 674 Fm Podcast 011 11272017

This 3hrs (also) video-streamed 674fm/SpyInTheHouse-all.vinyl November-jam (by Claus Bachor / Psycho Thrill Cologne) with featured tracks by Anthony Shakir, Dwele, The Advent, Chaos/ Mark Floyd, The Droyds, Morphology (2), Circadian Rhythms, Underground Resistance , Jean-Loius Huhta, Blake Baxter, Steve Rachmad (2), Fabrizio Lapiani, Sigha (remixed by Wata Igrashi & Function) (2), Akmé, Slam (remixed by Claude Young Jr.), Biochip C, Jeroen Search (4), Laurent Garnier, Cliff Hanger (2), Waajeed (2), Oniris, Delano Smith, Trevino, Broccoli Bros. vs. Righteous Men, Woo York, Roland Casper, Mark N-R-G (remixed by Roland Casper), Opuswerk, Integer, The Dusk, Philus, Echoplex, Murat, Tafkamp, Terrence Dixon, Klankman, Mode Selector, SCB/ Scuba (2), Egyptian Lover, DJ Roach, Rennie Foster, Timeline, John E.Collins, A Number Of Names, Sexual Harrassment, John D. (2), Roy Ayers, Lil'Justin, Drivetrain/ Derrick Thompson, Da Rebels, Funkadelic (remixed by Moodyman) in this mix. TRACK LISTING: 01 ANTHONY 'SHAKE' SHAKIR: Detroit: State Of Mind [ B2-track from “... Waiting For Russell” Frictional Recordings FRCT-008 US Promo-12" | 1998 ] 02 DWELE [ANDWELE GARDNER]: Early Morning [ A-side from “Detroit City” Rara RARA-003 UK 12" | 2004 ] 03 THE ADVENT [CISCO FERREIRA & COLIN McBEAN]: Insight 01 (Level Z) [ B2-track from “Standers” Internal CCCB-10 UK Promo-12" | 1996 ] 04 CHAOS [MARK FLOYD]: Afrogermanic [ A-side from “Crime Report” Underground Resistance UR-021 / Submerge US 12" | 1998 ] 05 THE DROYDS [ANDY CHATTERLEY & RICHARD NORRIS]: All I Ever Wanted [ A1-track from “EP 1” New Religion REG117 UK 12" | 2005 ] 06 MORPHOLOGY [MATTI TORUNEN & MICHAEL DIEKMANN]: Conductive Force [ A1-track from “In Between” Innerspace Records 001 CRO 12" | 2017 ] 07 CIRCADIAN RHYTHMS [CHRISTOPHE DE GROOT]: Insight [ A-side from “Silicon EP” Triad Recordings TRIAD 001/ Elypsia BEL Promo-12" | 1997 ] 08 MORPHOLOGY : Inversium Layer [ A2-track from “In Between” Innerspace Records 001 CRO 12" | 2017 ] 09 JEAN-LOUIS HUHTA: Viva La Differenze! [ A1-track from “Zoat Zingo” Hybrid Productions HP-1017 SWE Promo-10" | 2000 ] 10 UNDERGROUND RESISTANCE: Electronic Warfare _ Vocal Mix [ B1-track from “Electronic Warfare - Designs For Sonic Revolutions” Underground Resistance UR-033 US 12" | 1995 ] ... The complete track-listing just here via ... Additional 674fm_video-stream:

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