Tricks of the Trade

[og_img] “Because at the end of the day, there is no magic solution, no short-cut, to writing something that hopefully will last. No matter how we search for one.” Jeff VanderMeer [ … ]

A Critic Turned Novelist

[og_img] “Sometimes I think I’ve lost my nerve a little bit. I think it’s growing older, and a certain reservoir of anger literally runs out.” The Guardian interviews James Wood, author and book [ … ]

Ask Her About Her Uterus

[og_img] “Too often, a woman’s pain is not merely met with doubt, but suspicion, both within the medical community and outside of it.” The New Republic writes about female pain, the medical [ … ]


[og_img] We encourage you to join Electric Literature’s #ReadMoreWomen campaign. Their aim is to “challenge you to increase your consumption of women and nonbinary authors, and tweet at @ElectricLit with [ … ]

As the Cock Crows

[og_img] It’s that time of year again – our good friends at The Morning News are back with their annual epic, the Tournament of Books! Head over to TMN now to [ … ]