Never Have I Ever Questions (Funny, Dirty, Naughty and more)

That is the website for you, if you’re trying to find some funny or insightful questions about friends and family, coworkers, or to use at a party!

There are several different “Have You Ever…” surveys to select from:

Have You Ever Ever… Bash Version (for older kids and teens – for a church celebration, a work party, or a fun get together)
Have You Ever Ever Ever… Naughty Version (for older teenagers, school age and adults; sexual questions, and more mature questions)
Have You Ever Ever… Amusing Version (for older kids and adults of ages who need to share humorous stories with each other)

Additional info may be found in place Never Have I Ever Game Rules and Questions

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There are numerous ways to share during this action. Each player can read through the questions and mark the responses that are things she or he has actually done. Then determine which three or two they would be willing to tell the group determined by the number of people in the group.

Another method that gives instantaneous feedback, is for the host or hostess to read the questions. See page 2 for a square card fold and to duplicate for each guest.

The side that says is held by each person, as you ask another side, ” I ‘ve” or the questions, which says, “I ‘ve NEVER.”

This give your guests an opportunity to fast explain her or his solution with a storyline that is fast and will provide tons of laughter.

Never Have I Ever Questions for Party
Be thinking of two or three “Have You Evers…” that you would not be unwilling to tell the group.

Perhaps you have ever…

held or petted a wild creature?
stayed alert for a whole night?
Something which is broken, ran away, and like a window?
Spoke on the phone for a lot more than two hours?
gotten lost in an amusement park or on vacation?
had a buddy who shared exactly the same birthday as you?
been outside in the rain and really appreciated it?
had something obstructing happen for you?
Gotten in trouble at church or at school?
helped someone who was in danger?
Worn exactly the same panties two days?
Drank soda pop, laughed, and had it come out your nose?
had your cell phone ring at an embarrassing moment ?
sung karaoke, or did a lip-sync tune?
seen a human baby, or an infant animal be born?
Paid for a stranger’s meal or drink was you?
Remained in your pajamas?
done a belly flop off a diving board?
Held a butterfly or another insect ?
Found an a money or a wallet that someone dropped?
ridden a ride that made you cry with fear?
Lied than it was to get something more affordable?
won a contest and received a prize?
Spoke your manner?
Shot a picture of your face?
Met a famous person or celeb?
Have You Ever …

Have You Ever Ever Questions Naughty Variant

Assess the circles that have occurred to you all. Be thinking of two or three “Have You Evers…” which you would not be reluctant to tell the group.

Maybe you have ever…

showered with someone of the opposite gender?
lied about your age?
Distressed special garments?
sunbathed partly or completely naked?
had sex with a person whose name you didn’t know
gone “commando” (without wearing knickers)?
Because you recalled what’s on them been embarrassed to pick up your pictures in the image heart?
Skinny dipped?
Told someone or their top was popping open?
Been located fooling around by a sibling or a parent?
got arrested?
not had the chance to recalled how you got someplace?
Cheated on a test or an evaluation?
Stuck your tongue out at the ATM camera?
used a fake I.D. and then couldn’t remember your new name?
Burped while you’d been kissing someone?
smoked in the high school toilet?
Gotten ill, that you swore type or a particular food of booze off?
Place to see if it’d make them pee?
Been crept into a tavern or a photograph because you’re underage?
Had the back of a truck, or sex in the back seat of a car?
been frisked by police or by airport workers?
Bud cigs that are concealed or your parents wouldn’t realize you were smoking?
Had a dream about a teacher or someone you work with?
gotten a tatoo?
fooled around in a photograph taking booth?
lied about your birthday only to get a free dessert?
Purchased hot knickers and wore it?
Been fooling around in a vehicle and honked the horn?
Perhaps You Have Ever … Entertaining Variant

Have You Ever Amusing Questions

Evaluate the circles that have happened to you all. Be thinking of three or two “Have You Evers…” which you would not be unwilling to give the group.

Perhaps you have ever…

Had someone and been showering throw ice water on you?
Been in a tornado or an earthquake?
fallen down the stairway?
swam in ice cold water?
Eaten frog legs, or various other food that was unusual?
toilet-papered someone’s house?
Done something dumb while camping?
Faked to speak a foreign language you don’t understand?
Gone on a “ ” blind date that was not good?
won a contest?
made a prank phone call?
Eaten a complete cake yourself or a pizza?
seen the identical film greater than twice at a theater?
Missed an entire day of school or a course?
Thrown through to some boat or on an airplane?
sung in the shower or on the toilet?
Locked your keys in the car, or have been locked from your house?
spied on your neighbors?
dyed your hair, and it didn’t turn out well?
Had a beverage or food spilled at a restaurant or celebration?
Ridden on a cow, an elephant, or some creature which was unfamiliar?
Sung by yourself in front of individuals?
had a blowout tire while driving?

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